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Consumption and production

Consumers and businesses need reliable information on choices that promote sustainability in production and consumption. Such information facilitates decision making in environmental policy issues and helps to evaluate and develop environmental technology.

Environmental problems are in most cases related to consumption and the production of the goods and services we consume. We must reduce hazardous emissions, we must reduce the pressure on land use and the production of waste, and we must learn to use natural resources more eco-efficiently. We must learn how to produce more by using less resources.

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) promotes sustainable material and energy economy and control of hazardous emissions, e.g. by assessments of the life cycles of products and services and by developing tools for ecological design of products. Other major issues in the expert and research work at SYKE are the prevention of waste production, effluents, treatment of waste and polluted soil, risks associated to hazardous substances, and industrial emissions.


Jyri Seppälä Director of the Consumption and Production Centre Jyri Seppälä,
Eeva_Furman_pallokuva85px Director of SYKE's Environmental Policy Centre Eeva Furman,
  Director of Laboratory Tero Eklin,




  • Towards Cleaner Air – new report on transboundary air pollution 2016-06-15
    SYKE experts have taken part in compiling the new UNECE report on transboundary air pollution. Emissions have declined in Europe and North America, thanks to effective pollution measures. In Europe average life expectancy has risen by one year and soil acidification has been halted. Declining acidification in lakes has led to fish stocks recovering.
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