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Summary of algal bloom monitoring 2018: Sweltering summer brought exceptional cyanobacterial surface blooms to sea areas, in lakes abundant cyanobacterial blooms took place earlier 2018-08-30
In the Gulf of Finland, cyanobacterial blooms during the summer of 2018 were strongest for the 2010's. Surface blooms covered at worst almost the entire Gulf of Finland. Also in the southern parts of Archipelago Sea and Sea of Åland cyanobacterial surface blooms were abundant. In lakes cyanobacteria became abundant already in late June due to warm weather and cyanobacteria were observed in lakes more than typically until the beginning of August
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Summary of algal bloom monitoring 2017: Plenty of cyanobacteria in sea areas during July-August, but fewer observations of cyanobacteria than usual in lakes 2017-08-31
The algal situation in early summer was calm and cyanobacteria started to become more abundant only in July. In sea areas, cyanobacteria occurred abundantly especially in the northern Baltic proper and the western Gulf of Finland, but winds and cool seawater prevented the formation of conspicuous surface accumulations. In lakes, on average fewer observations of cyanobacteria than usual were made, with the exception of early July and late August.
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