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Eeva Primmer

Eeva Primmer

Research Professor,
Environmental Policy

Docent (Adjunct Professor), Environmental Policy, University of Helsinki

PhD, Agriculture and forestry, forest policy, University of Helsinki

Tel. +358 (0)295 251 521

Finnish Environment Institute
Environmental Policy Centre
Visiting address: Mechellininkatu 34a
Postal address: P.O. Box 140, FIN-00251 Helsinki, Finland



  • Leading and conducting research on environmental policy
  • Research and evaluation of the governance of ecosystem services, biodiversity, forest and energy policy. 

Research Interests

  • Governance and institutions  with a particular focus on the ways in which regulation, norms and actor constellations shape the behavior of actors.
  • Policy implementation and integration of conservation and economic activities.
  • Multilevel governance, networks and organizations.

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