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Helena Valve





PhD, Senior researcher

Docent in Environmental Policy and Technology Studies, University of Helsinki
Phone: +358-400148858

Finnish Environment Institute,
Environmental Governance Studies 

Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a
Postal address: P.O. Box 140, FIN-00251 Helsinki, Finland


Tasks and research interests

In my research I ask how environmental policy goals translate to governance in practice. Through what kinds of relations and networks does policy gain its significance? Moreover, what perhaps unintended may ensue: how do the emerging networks and arrangements precondition environmental change?

Recently I and my colleagues have studied the operationalisation of water policy and governance. Most of our on-going projects focus on the promotion of circular and bioeconomy transitions. The QUMARE project funded by the Academy of Finland generates knowledge about the politics and potentials of nutrient recycling.

Several of my scientific papers analyse the dynamics, impacts and making of socio-technological change. Knowledge production and utilisation, and the politics of environmental knowledge, are cross-cutting research themes. In the Baltic Gender project (Horizon 2020) I lead a work package on Gender in Marine Science and Technology.

Most recent publications:

Valve, H., Kaljonen, M., Kauppila, P., Kauppila, J. 2017. Power and the material arrangements of a river basin management plan: the case of the Archipelago Sea. European Planning Studies, in press. DOI: 10.1080/09654313.2017.1308470

Lazarevic, D. & Valve, H. Narrating expectations for the circular economy: towards a common and contested European transition. Energy Research & Social Science, in press. DOI:

All publications:

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