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Laura Uusitalo

© Kuva: Jari Juslin

Leading researcher
Programme for Environmental Information

Phone: +358 295 251 719

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

P.O. Box 140, 00251 Helsinki, Finland

Street address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki

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CV (pdf)

Current tasks

I work as a lading researcher in the Programme for Environmental Information. My tasks include research and planning on efficient use of and new methods to acquire environmental information, as well as research and expert support on the state of the Baltic Sea food webs. I am responsible for SYKE's machine learning network, and aim to facilitate and further the uptake of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods in SYKE.


I have MSc degrees in limnology (2001) and computer science (2017) and a PhD in fisheries science (2007). I hold the title of Adjunct Professor (docent) of aquatic sciences at the University of Helsinki since 2012. My scientific work focuses on assessment and modelling of uncertainty, monitoring and assessment of the ecosystem status of the Baltic Sea, and the Baltic marine ecosystem functioning.

Research topics

  • Efficient acquisition and use of environmental information 
  • Food webs and biodiversity of the Baltic Sea
  • Monitoring and assessment of marine envronmental status
  • EU's marine strategy framework directive related work
  • Modelling, data mining, intelligent data analysis


BONUS BLUEWEBS: Blue growth boundaries in novel Baltic food webs

EU FP7 project: DEVelopment Of innovative Tools for understanding marine biodiversity and assessing good Environmental Status (DEVOTES), 01/10/2012-30/09/2016

Other activities

Member of theScience Committee of the International council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) 

Scientific publications

I have authored several scientific articles and reports. Up-to-date list of my publications in  @Google Scholar

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