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Tanja Dubrovin


Development engineer, M.Sc. (Civ. Eng.)

Freshwater Centre, Water Resources and Environmental Assessments group

Tel: +358 295 251 751

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Fresh Water Centre
P.O.Box 140
FIN-00251 Helsinki

Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki

Current role

I work in research and development projects related to watercourse regulation and water resources. I am also main user of some water resources information systems.


I have graduated from the water resources department of Helsinki University of Technology (current Aalto University) in 2000. My major subject was water resources management and second subject software systems. I have worked for SYKE since 2000 first as software developer, and in various research and development projects related to watercourse regulation. I have also been involved in operational lake regulation.

Recent projects

  • Pirkanmaan keskeisten järvien säännöstelyjen kehittäminen 2015-2017 (Development of lake regulations of central lakes in Pirkanmaa region)
  • Jänisjoen vesistön säännöstelysuositusten toteutuminen ja vaikutukset 2016 (Fulfillment and impacts of regulation recommendations for Jänisjoki watercourse regulation)
  • Sopeutumistarve ilmastonmuutokseen vesistöjen säännöstelyssä (ILMAVA) 2015 (Adaptation need to climate change in watercourse regulation in Finland)
  • Iisalmen reitin ilmastonmuutostarkastelut 2015 (Climate change studies in Iisalmi watercourse – impacts on lake regulation and nutrient load)
  • Ilmastonmuutoksen vaikutus Nilsiän reitin säännösteltyjen järvien vedenkorkeuksiin ja virtaamiin sekä säännöstelyjen kehittämistarpeeseen 2014 (Climate change impacts on water levels, discharges and need for regulation development in Nilsiä watercourse)


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