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Open access interfaces for environmental data

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The directory interface provides general indexes, lists and other attribute information on data that is referred to from other interfaces (e.g. municipals, water bodies, ELY Centers, Water Management Areas and analytes and determination codes used in laboratory analyses).

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The interface for Hydrology provides spatial and temporal information on water resources (observations or calculated values) in Finland. Observations include elements of hydrologic cycle (precipitation, evaporation, runoff and discharge), water level and other hydrological phenomena (water equivalent of snow cover, ice thickness, water temperature, etc.). The observed or calculated values for approximately 5,000 stations or areas are provided.

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The lake interface contains information about lakes (area over 1 ha) in Finland. There is information about location, physiographic characteristics, water level control and so on, for example lake name, location coordinates (ETRS-TM35FIN), general height level, waterbed area, length of the shoreline, maximum depth and volume in typical water level.

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Seawater quality in BED (BNI) format

The interface contains results of physical and chemical analyses from the Baltic Sea for the Baltic Environmental Database (BED) of the Baltic Nest Institute (BNI): and The units used are µmol/l in nutrients and ml/l in oxygen.

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Water quality of surface waters

The interface provides results of physical and chemical analyses from the water samples of surface waters of lakes and rivers in Finland and also from the Baltic Sea.

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The interface contains algal bloom reports from the public and the results of microscopic determination of dominant species in the samples attached to these reports. 

In addition the interface contains the species name and size class list (with history) used in quantitative phytoplankton studies and obligatory monitoring performed by local water authorities and water reseach institutes (look for entity PhytoplankSpeciesSizeClass). The results of these studies are freely available on the information system of environmental data, Hertta.

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