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Geographic and temporal variations in turbulent heat loss from lakes: A global analysis across 45 lakes

Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)

Heat fluxes at the lake surface play an integral part in determining the energy budget and thermal structure in lakes, including regulating how lakes respond to climate change. We explore patterns in turbulent heat fluxes, which vary across temporal and spatial scales, using in situ high‐frequency monitoring data from 45 globally distributed lakes. Our analysis demonstrates that some of the lakes studied follow a marked seasonal cycle in their turbulent surface fluxes and that turbulent heat loss is highest in larger lakes and those situated at low latitude. Our findings have implications for understanding the role of lakes in the climate system, effects on the lake water balance, and temperature‐dependent processes in lakes.

Keywords: heat fluxes, global analysis, large lakes, lake physics, climate change

Authors: R. Iestyn Woolway, Piet Verburg, John D. Lenters, Christopher J. Merchant, David P. Hamilton, Justin Brookes, Elvira de Eyto , Sean Kelly, Nathan C. Healey, Simon Hook, Alo Laas, Don Pierson, James A. Rusak , Jonna Kuha, Juha Karjalainen, Kari Kallio, Ahti Lepistö, Ian D. Jones

Published 2018-08-31 at 17:44, updated 2018-09-03 at 15:49