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Climate change research programme

 To build a better climate policy, we need deeper understanding of the ways in which climate changes, measures to mitigate change, and adaptation to the change that affects our society and the natural environment. Because of the extensive nature of climate-change research and the number of players involved globally, close multidisciplinary co-operation in the domestic and international context is essential.

SYKE studies the impacts of climate change and the adaptation process from the scientific and social perspectives. We produce new research-based information and wide-ranging assessments and reports to support decision-making.

Towards an economy that curbs climate changes and saves natural resources

The changes in consumption habits and in production and societal structures that are necessary for slowing down climate change occur slowly. One of the objectives of climate research is to find ways of accelerating this change. The research programme also examines climate change from the perspectives of adaptation, changes in carbon sinks, use of natural resources, and the state of the environment.

‘Our research provides an assessment of the changes required and of how these changes are linked to the broader sustainable development goals. Adaptation to climate change also supports the transition toward an economy that saves the natural resources,’ explains Mikael Hildén, co-ordinator of the research programme.

Publications related to climate change programme

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