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Environmental Social Sciences

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Understanding the causes, impacts and governance of environmental problems calls for social science approaches. SYKE engages in environmental social science research in multidisciplinary projects, under SYKE’s themes, and in particular in the Environmental Policy Centre.

Our work builds on a range of environmental social science approaches; we actively advance a dialogue between different theories and methodologies. We apply the methods and concepts from a range of disciplines, including policy analysis, management studies, economics, law, sociology, geography as well as science and technology studies.

We apply environmental social science on different topics:

  • We analyse environmental conflicts and contribute to solving them.
  • We analyse socio-technological systems and innovations.
  • We develop and assess the methods of environmental valuation and policy instruments.
  • We analyse the practices and impacts of environmental governance and institutions.
  • We study the relationship between environmental issues and people’s practices, lifestyles, and culture.



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