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Production of environmental information

From environmental monitoring to information consolidation

In the coming years, SYKE will oversee the creation of a new information system based on environmental monitoring. This new system will allow users who utilise or further process environmental data to flexibly consolidate data from different sources. The key focuses of the new system are a new kind of distribution of work, cooperation with citizens and companies, and more effective utilisation of technology and automation.


From arduous field measurements to the utilisation of different information sources

The consolidation of data from different sources coupled with automation can reduce or replace some of the traditional work stages of monitoring, such as field work. Manual measurements will be replaced by, for example, observations made by citizens, automatic systems and mobile technology. When some of the variables that provide information about environmental load or the state of the environment are calculated based on data from multiple sources, the production of information becomes more affordable and the information itself becomes more reliable.

Shared data stores and open interfaces

An open material policy enables the distribution of work and cooperation between different operators. Data is stored either where it is produced or where storage is most affordable, while open interfaces make the information accessible to everyone.

The private sector to work alongside the public sector

Once information is easily accessible, the entire data production chain can incorporate new operators, citizens and companies. A significant portion of the data will be gathered and shared using mobile devices. In this new system, the public sector will focus on data quality assurance, the consolidation and productisation of data and the production of services and solutions based on the data.

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Programme director Juhani Kettunen


Published 2014-10-13 at 12:01, updated 2017-05-15 at 11:04