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Environmental data acquisition and use research programme

The research program for environmental data acquisition and use aims at strengthening the link between monitoring and decision making. All informed decision making and unbiased scientific summaries on impacts of human changes to the environment are ultimately based on reliable environmental data. To improve the predictive and adaptive abilities of monitoring data, research on the variables and the processes that affect them is needed.

The program focuses on assessing and improving the accuracy, reliability and current use, reuse and societal impact of monitoring data. Further, research that increases knowledge on the dynamics of parameters to be monitored is vital to this research program. To achieve the  programs' goals, the research program gathers expertise and coordinates efforts from different fields of research and promotes cooperation with domestic and international partners.

Additional information

The research program mainitains an emailing list to help you keep up with the latest program related news and receive reminders on open calls. To join, contact the program’s manager.

Research program manager Kristian Meissner,

Current publications

  • Exploring methods for predicting multiple pressures on ecosystem recovery: A case study on marine eutrophication and fisheries. Laura Uusitalo, Samuli Korpinen, Jesper H. Andersen, Susa Niiranen, Sebastian Valanko, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Mark Dickey-Collas 2016: Continental Shelf Research, Online, in press
  • Redundancy in the ecological assessment of lakes : Are phytoplankton, macrophytes and phytobenthos all necessary? Martyn G. Kelly, Sebastian Birk, Nigel J. Willby, Luc Denys, Stina Drakare, Maria Kahlert, Satu Maaria Karjalainen, Aldo Marchetto, Jo-Anne Pitt, Gorazd Urbanic, Sandra Poikane 2016 Science of the Total Environment, ISSN 0048-9697 2016;
  • Application of signal detection theory approach for setting thresholds in benthic quality assessments. Romualda Chuseve, Henrik Nygård, Diana Vaiciute, Darius Daunys, Anastasija Zaiko 2016:  Ecological Indicators, 60: 420-427.
  • Approaches for integrated assessment of ecological and eutrophication status of surface waters in Nordic countries.Jesper H. Andersen, Jukka Aroviita, Nikolai Friberg, Richard K. Johnson, Pirkko Kauppila, Mats Lindegarth, Ciara´n Murray, Karl Norling, Jacob Carstensen. 2016. Ambio 45 (6): 681-691.

Other publications

Examples of current projects

DETECT, contact person: Kristian Meissner; topic: Advanced Computational and Statistical Techniques for Biomonitoring and Aquatic Ecosystem Service Management, Finnish Academy, 2015-2018.

EOMORES:Earth Observation based services for Monitoring and Reporting of Ecological Status. H2020 funding

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