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Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU)

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Basic project information

Municipalities as pioneers in climate change mitigation

The Carbon Neutral Municipalities project (HINKU project) brings municipalities, businesses, citizens and experts together to create and carry out solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The involved municipalities are committed to an 80 % emission reduction target by 2030 from the level of 2007.

Energy efficiency, renewable energy and local welfare

Emissions are reduced especially by improved energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy sources. In addition to the emissions from municipal operations, the municipal decision makers can have an influence on local emissions e.g. from land use, energy production and transport. The local enterprises and residents are invited to participate in the climate actions. The aim is to strengthen the local community and increase wellbeing through e.g. cost reductions, energy self-sufficiency and new business opportunities.

Spreading best practices

Information about the best practices in climate change mitigation is spread nationally and internationally. The HINKU project has gained a lot of media publicity. Other communicational means such as online communication, events and a newsletter are also used. The wide partner group is valuable in distributing information.


The HINKU Forum supports municipalities in their activities. The new platform brings together the municipalities, enterprises offering climate-friendly products and services, and experts of the energy and climate field. The forum offers its members networking possibilities, support and tools in emission reduction activities and emission calculation, communicational cooperation, etc. Municipalities meeting the so-called HINKU criteria are welcome to participate in the HINKU Forum.

More information:

hinkulogoJyri Seppälä, tel. + 358 295 251 629
Jyrki Tenhunen, tel. +358 295 251 690
Olli Pekka Pietiläinen, tel. +358 295 251 509
Pasi Tainio, tel. +358 295 251 676
Kaarina Toivonen, tel. +358 295 251 698


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