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Bothnian Bay LTSER-platform

Site description

The area of the Bothnian Bay LTSER platform is located in the coastal area of the Bothnian Bay between the cities of Tornio in the north and Vaasa in the south including the terrestrial and aquatic natural, semicultural and cultural habitats in river catchments. In biogeographical and socioeconomic terms the area can be seen as a bridge between northern and southern components, which is reflected both in its rich and unique flora and fauna as well as special socioeconomic structure.  

Site aims and research themes 

Participants of the research network have already conducted multidisciplinary long-term ecological and socioeconomic research activities in the area especially on phenology, climate and population censuses. The main aim of the Bothnian Bay LTSER-platform is to strengthen interdisciplinary integration together with better availability of data for the following, horizontally interlinked main research themes: 

  • Population biology of animal and plant populations living in ephemeral and fragmented landscapes 
  • Ecology and genetics of endangered animal and plant species Impact of climate and environment change on dynamic properties of ecosystems and implications of these changes on biodiversity 
  • Socioecological and socioeconomic transitions in means of livelihood with a special reference to conservation and management of semicultural habitats in modern agriculture and silviculture 
  • Integrated drainage basins management 

Principal contact  

Jouni Aspi (jouni.aspi(at) 

Bothnian Bay Research Station, Department of Biology, PB 3000, FIN-90014 University of Oulu 


University of Oulu, Finnish Forest Research Institute, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, North Ostrobothnia Regional Environment Centre, Finnish Environmental Institute, Geological Survey of Finland

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