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Kick-off conference for stakeholders and accociated organizations in Helsinki on March 2018

Michael Suhr and Kaj Forsius © Photo: Eija Järvinen

Many thanks to all whom participated in HAZBREF Kick-off conference! Especially warm thanks to all presentators, moderators and rapporteurs!

Feel free to contact HAZBREF project partners with any concerns related to the project.






Conference report



Kaj Forsius (SYKE): Introduction of HAZBREF project

Ian Hodgson (European Comission) and Thomas Brinkmann (EIPPCB): The role of IED and BREFs in curbing emissions of hazardous substances

Elina Karhu (ECHA): The role of REACH in chemicals management from industry

Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky (HELCOM): HELCOM work for prevention of contamination of the Baltic Sea

Annalisa Bortoluzzi (Eurometaux): Industry perspective on managing hazardous chemicals in industry, linking IED and REACH

Christian Schaible (EEB): IED/BREFs as tools towards speeding up achievement of non-toxic environment

Jenny Hedman (Naturvårdsverket): Greetings from Policy Area Hazards from EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Erwin Annys (CEFIC): Industrial installation perspective: management of hazardous substances in practice

Gisela Holzgraefe (MELUND Schleswig-Holstein): Acting in the interface of environmental and chemicals regulation

Minna Valtavaara (TUKES): KemiDigi - Future of chemical data in Finland


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