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SAVE THE DATE: Interim Stakeholder Conference in Tallinn 21-22 May 2019!

One of the conference´s highlights will be the findings of the textile industry sector. The study will bring together the experiences from the case installations in the HAZBREF partner countries and describe the best practices for the management of hazardous chemicals in the textile sector. More information coming soon!


Kick-off conference for stakeholders and accociated organizations in Helsinki on March 2018

Michael Suhr and Kaj Forsius © Photo: Eija Järvinen

Many thanks to all whom participated in HAZBREF Kick-off conference! Especially warm thanks to all presentators, moderators and rapporteurs!

Feel free to contact HAZBREF project partners with any concerns related to the project.






Conference report



Kaj Forsius (SYKE): Introduction of HAZBREF project

Ian Hodgson (European Comission) and Thomas Brinkmann (EIPPCB): The role of IED and BREFs in curbing emissions of hazardous substances

Elina Karhu (ECHA): The role of REACH in chemicals management from industry

Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky (HELCOM): HELCOM work for prevention of contamination of the Baltic Sea

Annalisa Bortoluzzi (Eurometaux): Industry perspective on managing hazardous chemicals in industry, linking IED and REACH

Christian Schaible (EEB): IED/BREFs as tools towards speeding up achievement of non-toxic environment

Jenny Hedman (Naturvårdsverket): Greetings from Policy Area Hazards from EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Erwin Annys (CEFIC): Industrial installation perspective: management of hazardous substances in practice

Gisela Holzgraefe (MELUND Schleswig-Holstein): Acting in the interface of environmental and chemicals regulation

Minna Valtavaara (TUKES): KemiDigi - Future of chemical data in Finland


Other documents

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