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Oil Spills in Arctic Areas -seminar

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Basic project information


Finnish Environment Institute SYKE will host an international expert seminar in Oulu, Finland in 7-8 of March 2018. The seminar is expected to host some 200-250 participants and the conference has following themes:

  • Arctic Council and its working group on Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) and the work under the Arctic MOSPA agreement,
  • Technology for oil in ice response,
  • Search and rescue in Arctic areas,
  • Ecological consequences of oil spills in the Arctic
  • Ice management and weather services in the Arctic
  • Latest research related to oil spills in cold climate.

In connection with the Oil Spills in Arctic Areas –seminar there will be:

  • an exhibition area where companies and authorities can present services, equipment, research  and development projects etc.
  • possibility to follow the MOSPA2O18 oil spill response exercise in the conference area through real-time video streaming
  • possible Arctic innovation or marketing events.

As a separate event the EKOMON project’ s final seminar will be organized at the same venue. EKOMON seminar handles questions related on the monitoring of ecological impacts of accidental marine HNS spills.

During the Oil Spills in Arctic Areas seminar an oil in ice response exercise under the Copenhagen Agreement and  the MOSPA agreement will be carried out in the Gulf of Bothnia with participating vessels from both Finland and Sweden.


Call for abstracts for the Oil Spills in Arctic Areas –seminar is open till 30th of September 2017. Abstracts should be one page long. Please see the form below. Each session has a coorninator who will select the speakers based on the abstracts. The organizing committee will inform the authors of the selected presentations  during October 2017.

Participation to both of the seminars is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Participant registration for both events will be opened by the end of year 2017.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland supports the Oil Spills in Arctic Areas –seminar financially.


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