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Sea theme: Expert work

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Societal decision-making requires that researchers search for solutions and assess options. Our expertise supports the preparation and implementation of marine-related international and national legislation.

Our expert activities support marine conservation as well as the work of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM). For this purpose, SYKE is responsible for producing an assessment on the current state of marine areas. The next assessment is due to be completed in 2018. On the basis of the previous assessment, which was completed in 2012, the Ministry of the Environment led the drafting of a programme of measures for marine resource management. The programme aims at a goof state of the marine environment by 2020.

SYKE is also tasked with acquiring and maintaining an adequate national response to oil and chemical spills from vessels. SYKE is responsible for overseeing the response to oil spills and chemical leaks from vessels as well as organising and developing national professional continued and further education in the field.

Our activities are related particularly to:

  • the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
  • the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive
  • the implementation of HELCOM's programme of measures


Examples of theme-related topic of expert work in the right-side column.

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