Theme: Sustainable management of the Baltic Sea and freshwater resources

SYKE is the only research institute in Finland that examines the water system comprising the Baltic Sea as well as surface and ground waters as a single entity. SYKE provides information and solutions to support the protection and sustainable use of the Baltic Sea, water systems, and water resources.

‘The theme was introduced in 2012, and we intend to build a research continuum from the inland waters to the sea, putting waters in context with the more general environmental issues,’ explains Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, who is responsible for the theme with Paula Kankaanpää.

She adds: ‘To ensure a broad perspective on research issues, we network and work in collaboration with various players in the field.’

‘In terms of marine and water resource issues, SYKE is in a unique position: our research serves current national and international legislation and the implementation of water resource and marine environment management and flood risk management. With various partners, we also explore the marine environment to enable maritime spatial planning,’ Heiskanen notes.

The general public too benefits from this research, with the most familiar services being the surface water monitoring data and algae prognoses. SYKE also monitors the environmental load on waters and develops related information systems. Today’s new observation systems have more efficient features for automatic monitoring, and they make more effective use of the voluntary observation assistance provided by citizens.

The work on this theme also invests in world-class experimental research and system modelling.

Oil and chemical spill response is focused on improving preparedness and the techniques used on open seas and with high waves, in icy conditions, and in shallow waters, and for the recovery of sunken oil.

Persons responsible for the theme

Anna-Stiina Heiskanen

Head of the Freshwater Centre Anna-Stiina Heiskanen

Paula Kankaanpää (pieni kuva)

   Director of the Marine Research Centre Paula Kankaanpää

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