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Water and marine protection in a resource-smart economy

Water and marine protection in a resource-smart economy research programme at SYKE supports the transition towards blue bioeconomy, where scarce natural resources are used smartly to generate wellbeing for humans without jeopardizing the marine and water protection goals set by national and international policies. The programme address societal question of high relevance by creating cross disciplinary excellence. New knowledge will be generated of the terms water protection sets for intensification of biomass production, harvesting and processing; how biotechnologies and sustainable use of marine and aquatic ecosystem services promotes blue growth; how to manage water-use in a circular economy and what are the potentials and risks related to the re-use of waste-based biomasses. The programme links the human actions with their specific properties to aquatic ecosystems and the Baltic Sea to support their regulation.

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Research Coordinator Soile Oinonen, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE),








Published 2016-01-26 at 11:50, updated 2017-02-22 at 15:39