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Algal bloom monitoring June 14, 2018: In lakes cyanobacteria have increased, on the southern coast local blooms

Cyanobacterial blooms have since last week increased in lakes in Southern and Central Finland. In Finnish open sea areas no cyanobacterial blooms have been observed, but on the southern coast local bl...

Algal bloom monitoring June 7, 2018: This year's cyanobacterial bloom monitoring has started - 20 years of Finnish algal situation reporting

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has this week started its annual cyanobacterial bloom situation reporting. In lakes only small amounts of cyanobacteria have been observed at a few locations. In...

The risk of significant blue-green algae blooms in summer 2018 is lower than earlier years in Finnish marine areas

The risk of widespread blue-green algae blooms in Finnish sea areas is less than during the last two years, because the algae have less nutrients available in comparison to previous years. However, si...

Microlitter – a challenge for wastewater treatment plants

M.Sc. Julia Talvitie’s doctoral dissertation indicates that wastewater treatment plants function well for microlitter removal, but the environmental burden caused by microlitter could still be reduced...

Climate models predict changes to flows and biota of northern rivers

The habitats of species in Finland's rivers will move northward as climate change causes temperatures to rise. In addition, seasonal fluctuation in the flow of rivers will become more irregular than i...

The number of oil discharges observed at sea has further decreased

Fewer illegal oil discharges in sea areas were reported to the Finnish authorities in 2017 than in the previous year. There were 44 oil discharges in 2017, compared to 48 in 2016.

International Arctic oil spill response exercise and seminar will be arranged in Oulu 7-8 March

International Arctic oil recovery exercise will be held 7 March at the Bay of Bothnia off the coast of Oulu City in Northern Finland. All interested are welcome to follow the exercise in real time vid...

Efficient nutrient recycling calls for a policy reform

According to a recent Finnish study, efficient utilisation of nutrients requires a policy reform. Normative guidance should better support the processing of organic side streams, such as manure, into ...

Summary of algal bloom monitoring 2017: Plenty of cyanobacteria in sea areas during July-August, but fewer observations of cyanobacteria than usual in lakes

The algal situation in early summer was calm and cyanobacteria started to become more abundant only in July. In sea areas, cyanobacteria occurred abundantly especially in the northern Baltic proper a...

Algal bloom monitoring 24.8.2017: Cyanobacteria have increased in lakes, blooms continue in sea areas

Cyanobacterial blooms have increased especially in lakes of the Southern Finland. In sea areas, cyanobacterial blooms have been observed in the Gulf of Finland, Bothnian Sea and along the Southeastern...

Algal bloom monitoring August 17, 2017: Surface blooms of cyanobacteria in the southern part of the Bothnian Sea, cyanobacteria observations increased in lakes

In the Finnish open sea areas of the Baltic Sea, surface blooms of cyanobacteria are most intensive in the southern part of the Bothnian Sea.Cyanobacteria observations are continuing to increase in la...

New method of sea bottom remediation to be studied in Töölö Bay

The sea bottom near cities is often damaged by harmful substances introduced through human activity. The same environments also often suffer from eutrophication. A research project is being carried o...

Algal bloom monitoring August 10, 2017: Cyanobacteria observations increased in lakes, surface blooms of cyanobacteria in some of the sea areas of Finland

Although more cyanobacteria have been reported in lakes than a week ago, cyanobacteria situation is typical for this time of August. In the Finnish open sea areas of the Baltic Sea, surface blooms of ...

Algal bloom monitoring August 3, 2017: Still fewer than average cyanobacterial observations in lakes, blooms continue in the sea areas

In lakes, more observations of cyanobacteria have been made than last week, but the amount still remains less than the long-term average. Cyanobacterial blooms continue in several open sea areas and t...

Algal bloom monitoring July 27, 2017: Blooms of cyanobacteria observed in the Baltic Sea, in lakes less cyanobacteria observed than typically

Cyanobacteria are abundant in particular in the Finnish southwestern open sea areas of the Baltic Sea. In lakes, less cyanobacteria have been observed that generally at the end of July. Spores of rus...

Algal bloom monitoring July 20, 2017: Cyanobacterial blooms have decreased in lakes, and cyanobacterial biomass is mixed in the water column in the Finnish open sea areas

Cool and windy weather has tempered cyanobacterial blooms. In lakes, the number of observed cyanobacterial blooms has even decreased since last week. Cyanobacteria are mixed in the water column in the...

Algal bloom monitoring July 13, 2017: First cyanobacterial blooms observed in the open sea areas

The amount of cyanobacterial blooms has increased in the Finnish lakes. In Lake Pyykösjärvi near Oulu, a very abundant blooming has its second week ongoing. The longest blooming, ongoing six weeks, ...

Algal bloom monitoring July 6, 2017: Amount of cyanobacterial blooms has started to increase in the Finnish lakes

The amount of cyanobacterial blooms has started to increase in the Finnish lakes, where even abundant blooms have been observed more than earlier during this summer. There are currently no cyanobacte...

Algal bloom monitoring June 29, 2017: Cool and changeable weather has restrained cyanobacteria

Cyanobacterial abundances have been influenced by cool weather also this week. In inland waters a little over ten observations of low amounts of cyanobacteria have been made, as well as one observatio...

Algal bloom monitoring June 22, 2017: No cyanobacterial blooms in Finnish sea areas, in inland waters locally low amounts of cyanobacteria

There are currently no cyanobacterial blooms in Finnish sea areas, which is typical for early summer. The cool weather has restrained blooms in inland waters also, and only one abundant cyanobacterial...


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