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  • New report on the development of Myanmar’s environmental administration completed with Finnish support 2016-05-25
    Myanmar is undergoing industrialisation and urbanisation at a rapid pace. According to an assessment conducted by the Finnish Environment Institute, it is important to develop basic functions of Myanmar’s environmental administration, such as information systems for compiling data about the state of the environment and actions creating pressure on the environment.
  • Policy certainty, solidarity and low costs drive Paris Agreement implementation 2016-05-02
    The historic global climate agreement, the “Paris Agreement” was opened for signature on the 22nd of April 2016. The negotiations on the implementation of the agreement start in May. These negotiations will be crucial for meeting the ambitious objectives of the agreement. A recent study finds that increased cooperation between countries and decreased mitigation costs resulting from enhanced policy can help to achieve the current contributions and also increase the ambition of future targets.
  • The climate challenge requires significant new innovations for Finnish wood use 2016-04-27
    An international agreement was made in Paris to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades. However, a recent study shows that the current Finnish wood bioeconomy fails to meet this challenge.
  • All municipalities in mainland Finland invited to participate in the joint procurement of solar power 2016-03-02
    The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has launched a joint procurement of solar power systems, inviting all municipalities and municipal enterprises in Finland to increase their use of solar power. The solar power stations are to be leased, as a result of which municipalities do not need to invest in the plants themselves or accrue any additional operating costs. The leasing-based joint procurement process was developed as part of the Carbon Neutral Municipalities (HINKU) project coordinated by
  • Number of oil discharges observed at sea decreased 2016-02-29
    In 2015, the number of suspected illegal discharges of oil reported to Finnish authorities decreased significantly compared to the previous year. Eventually, 47 of the discharges were confirmed to be oil, whereas the corresponding number in 2014 was 68. Investigations concerning illegal oil discharge were started in 12 cases. The majority of the discharges were minor discharges near harbours or shores. The largest individual discharge released an estimated 0.77 cubic metres of oil into the sea.
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