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  • Nitrogen deposition affects population changes of butterfly and moth species in Finland 2016-10-06
    Large, mobile and multivoltine butterflies and moths that either utilise a wide variety host plants or have adapted to feed on nitrophilous plants are becoming more common in Finnish nature. Soil eutrophication caused by nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere has had a strong impact on the species that have flourished or declined in Finland over the past few decades.
  • Lake brownification and eutrophication decrease the content of essential fatty acids in fish used in human diets 2016-09-30
    Eutrophication and brownification change phytoplankton community structure and decrease production of essential omega-3 fatty acids in lakes. Perch growing in oligotrophic clear-water lakes contain 1.5-1.9 times more essential omega-3 fatty acids than those grown in eutrophic and brown-water lakes.
  • An extraordinarily extensive review of the Gulf of Finland’s status by three countries 2016-09-02
    The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has published an assessment of the Gulf of Finland, compiling the research results of over a hundred Finnish, Russian and Estonian researchers. The over 300-page publication includes recent information on issues such as eutrophication, hazardous substances, invasive species, noise, maritime traffic, and plastic waste.
  • Major Baltic inflows have improved the condition of the Baltic Proper 2016-09-02
    The effects of the major Baltic inflows that have arrived in 2014, 2015 and 2016 can be seen in the improved oxygen situation of the basins to the east and south of Gotland. The anoxic area of the seabed in the Baltic Sea has become considerably smaller compared to the summer of 2014, but the inflows have nevertheless not been able to completely oxygenate the hydrogen sulphide-rich water in the depths of the Baltic Proper.
  • The treaty ensuring the fair use of genetic resources comes into force in Finland 2016-09-01
    On 1 September, the Nagoya Protocol will come into force in Finland. It is an international treaty on the access to genetic resources and on fair and equitable sharing of benefits. Obligations arising from the Protocol and related regulations apply to all genetic resources of flora, fauna and microbes, when they are accessed for research and development activities.
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