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  • Wetland rehabilitation helps dwindling waterbird populations 2017-02-09
    The degradation of wetlands has led to drops in the size of many waterbird populations – even in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes. A recent study proves that measures that reduce overgrowth in the wetlands are a much-needed help to increasingly rare waterbirds.
  • The new calculator shows how consumption contributes to nutrient pollution in the Baltic Sea 2017-02-03
    With the calculator developed by the Finnish Environment Institute and the Natural Resources Institute Finland, consumers can determine the impacts of their consumption habits on nutrient pollution in the Baltic Sea. Finland’s contribution to the nutrient pollution of the Baltic Sea is about 10 per cent. Food production accounts for about 60 % of the Baltic Sea footprint of an average Finnish consumer. Waste water is also an important source (about 25 %).
  • Five-day weather and flood warnings available in the new service 2017-02-01
    Flood warnings from the Finnish Environment Institute have been added to the service of Finnish Meteorological Institute as a new warning type. The only flood warnings shown on the warning map are dangerous and very dangerous flood situations, in other words the orange and red warning levels.
  • Underwater noise in the Baltic Sea a risk for fish and marine mammals 2017-01-25
    Underwater noise in the Baltic Sea has been measured for the first time. According to an international project led by the Finnish Environment Institute, the level of human-introduced underwater noise is increasing.
  • Weather and climate risks should be managed efficiently 2016-12-02
    Maintaining security and the central functions vital to society requires active preparation for extreme weather conditions. Preparation should take into account that climate change may change extreme weather conditions, their frequency and severity. ELASTINEN research project produced an overall assessment of the management of weather and climate risks and evaluated ways to promote management of these risks in various sectors.
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