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  • Low levels of environmental toxins in Lapland, climate change and new chemicals the main risks 2016-08-24
    The Finnish Lapland is renowned for its purity, even if environmental toxins are present at low concentrations in the air, water and living organisms. The main concern in the Arctic region is the long-range transport of substances and increased chemical loading which may take place due to other causes. This is why the monitoring and mapping of hazardous substances must continue in Finland.
  • Barnacle goose population declined in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area 2016-08-05
    The total number of barnacle geese grazing on the park lawns of Helsinki and eastern Espoo declined by four per cent compared to 2015. The number of goslings almost halved, declining by 46 per cent, compared to last year. This year, researchers from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) counted a total of 5,720 barnacle geese, of which 484 were goslings.
  • The growth of the Finnish cormorant population experiences only a slight increase 2016-08-01
    In the summer of 2016, 25,500 cormorant nests were tallied in Finland. Despite the favourable conditions in the cormorants’ overwintering areas, the population grew by only six percent, i.e. 1,500 nests, from the previous year. The most substantial change in the population was the shift in focus between the Satakunta and Ostrobothnia regions.
  • A new research project analyses synergies between ecolabels, product environmental footprint and circular economy 2016-07-01
    The objective of the three-year project “The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Circular Economy and Product Environmental Footprint” by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is to explore what kind of new information the EU environmental footprint methodology could bring to the use of third-party verified ecolabels like the Nordic Swan, and by these means, strengthen the competitive advantage of environmentally friendly products.
  • Joint procurement of solar power plants to cover 34 municipalities – Tampere Hall to receive its own solar panels 2016-07-01
    34 municipalities intend to take part in the joint procurement of solar power plants organised by the Finnish Environment Institute and KL-Kuntahankinnat Oy. Of the largest cities, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Seinäjoki, among others, have committed to the project. Currently, the order encompasses 81 solar power plants with a total power capacity of 1,2 MWp, and the quantity is expected to increase.
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