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  • Weather and climate risks should be managed efficiently 2016-12-02
    Maintaining security and the central functions vital to society requires active preparation for extreme weather conditions. Preparation should take into account that climate change may change extreme weather conditions, their frequency and severity. ELASTINEN research project produced an overall assessment of the management of weather and climate risks and evaluated ways to promote management of these risks in various sectors.
  • Finland to become the world's first country to fly a flag for nature – Finnish Nature Day, 26 August 2017, declared an official flag day 2016-12-02
    In 2017, Finland will become the first country in the world to honour its natural environment with an official flag day. The Ministry of the Interior has ordered that flags should be flown on Finnish Nature Day, which falls on the last Saturday of August. Next year, this will be 26 August 2017. This will round off the celebration of Nature Days – hundreds of nature events, either organised or pop-up – in honour of the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence.
  • New mapping tool shows where the elderly may be vulnerable to climate change 2016-12-01
    In order to illustrate changes in the risks of climate change for the elderly in different parts of Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has developed an interactive vulnerability mapping tool in collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). Photo: Knud Nielsen/Colorbox
  • Smart Buoy will bring real time measurement of oil in Artic area conditions to oil spill response 2016-11-15
    The new smart navigation ice buoy system will deliver real-time data on oil in water especially in cold climate conditions. It will help environmental and oil response authorities to monitor marine environment more effectively
  • Nitrogen deposition affects population changes of butterfly and moth species in Finland 2016-10-06
    Large, mobile and multivoltine butterflies and moths that either utilise a wide variety host plants or have adapted to feed on nitrophilous plants are becoming more common in Finnish nature. Soil eutrophication caused by nitrogen deposition from the atmosphere has had a strong impact on the species that have flourished or declined in Finland over the past few decades.
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