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The financing for the Finnish Environment Institute comes from the state budget and from external sources. In 2014, SYKE’s operating financing came to approximately  60,5 million euros:

  • Direct budget allocations 31.4 M EUR (52 %)
  • External financing 29.2 M EUR (48 %)

In 2014, 4.7 million euros was spent on prevention of damage to the environment.n 2014

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External financing and direct budget allocation


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Financing from EU, Academy of Finland and Tekes






expenditure amounted to 65.5 million euros; a decrease of EUR 1.3 million from the previous year. Wages and salaries represent the largest cost item. Some of the costs of SYKE’s information technology services, laboratory operations, information and library services, and training and publications result from services for the national environmental administration.

More information

Tuula Pietilä, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), [tuula.pietila]


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