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Oulu Office

Oulun toimipaikka

The research conducted at the Oulu Office of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) focuses on monitoring the status of inland waters, managing catchment areas, developing water resource protection methods, studying stream habitat diversity, and developing general biodiversity indicators and a sustainable energy economy.

The office employs 40 people, who work for the Freshwater Centre, the Laboratory Centre, the Natural Environment Centre, the Centre of Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Executive Management Support.

The Oulu Office operates a FINAS-accredited (T003) testing laboratory specialising in chemical environmental analyses. It also performs preliminary processing of water-management-related biological samples and provides various test arrangements in support of research activities.

The office is located in the Ympäristötietotalo building, on the University of Oulu campus. This location offers good opportunities for engaging in and improving co-operation within the Northern Environmental Research Network (NorNet) and the Consortium for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET). The collaboration is best exemplified by joint projects, joint chairing of operations in the natural sciences and environmental economics, and joint use of laboratory services.

Contact information

The Oulu Office of SYKE is located at the Linnanmaa campus of the University of Oulu.

  • Visiting address: Paavo Havaksen tie 3 (Ympäristötietotalo, 3rd floor), 90570 Oulu (in use from 1.11.2012 onwards)
  • Visiting address (laboratory): Linnanmaa K5, 90570 Oulu (change of address 17.1.2012)
  • Mailing address: Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Oulu Office, P.O.Box 413, FI-90014, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Linnanmaa Campus (pdf, 97 kb, Campus map of the University of Oulu)
  • Tel: +358 295 251 000
  • Fax: +358 8 816 2872

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