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The Finnish Environment Institute´s advisory board

The advisory board has been appointed by the Ministry of the Environment until 31.5.2018.

Chairman of the board

professor Janne Hukkinen (University of Helsinki)

Other members of the board

  • Research Director Laura Höijer (Ministry of the Environment)
  • Innovation Director Jatta Jussila-Suokas (Haaga-Helia)
  • Director Risto Timonen (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Southwest Finland)
  • Director General Lea Kauppi (Finnish Environment Institute)
  • Professor Olli Varis (Aalto University)
  • Taina Pihlajaniemi (University of Oulu)
  • Journalist Katri Merikallio (Suomen Kuvalehti -magazine)
  • Executive Vice President Anne-Christine Ritschkoff (Technology for business VTT, Strategic Research)
  • Research Director Mikko Peltonen (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) 
  • Executive Vice President, research Johanna Buchert (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
  • Environment Manager Miira Riipinen (The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities)
  • Coordinator Johanna Mikkola-Pusa (Finnish Environment Institute)
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