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SYKE will become a carbon neutral organisation by 2017

The key to mitigating climate change is to stop the increase of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Becoming a low carbon society requires action by all relevant parties in all areas of society. Through our research and expert efforts, we promote a low carbon society, but the goal also challenges us to develop our own operations.

The majority of carbon dioxide emissions in our operations is generated by the heating and electricity consumption of property, commuting and the use of the research vessel Aranda. The commitment intensifies our current emission-related targets. The means for attaining the goals include reducing travel and changing methods of travel and work practices.

SYKE has the ISO 14001 compliant EkoSYKE environmental management system, to which the commitment has been included. There are following measures: the research vessel Aranda will use more biofuels; work related travel is planned and accepted so that environmental impact is minimized; teleconference possibilities are always sorted out even in international projects; SYKEs energy efficiency plan is always implemented; the environmental factors of the acquisitions are always taken into account; co-operation with the Amica workplace cafeteria to minimize food waste.

The goals will be realised in 2015–2017. Measurements and reports can be found from the Commitment 2050 pages.

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Published 2016-04-19 at 12:56, updated 2016-04-19 at 12:55