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Environmental internships for immigrants and refugees 2014–2017

Conceptions of nature vary substantially between countries and demographic groups. SYKE and the University of Helsinki have published a study on the conceptions of nature among immigrants, titled ‘Urban nature and multiculturality – immigrants as experiencers and users of nature areas’. According to the study, a lack of knowledge often prevents utilisation of nature among immigrants. According to the researchers, better information exchange between the general populace and immigrants is required. One solution for improving the situation is considered to be involving immigrants in the planning activities.

SYKE employs approximately 30–40 foreign employees each year, some of whom come through international researcher exchange. The employees are mainly experts in the field. The foreign workers have included representatives of about 15 different nationalities.

As part of our society’s commitment, we promise to organise an internship in environmental tasks for one refugee and immigrant each year. In our operations, we survey the environmental field and identify development areas where the involvement of immigrants in the design process can bring added value and, on the other hand, provide the intern with the opportunity to learn about environmental matters. The internship improves the opportunities of immigrant to get involved in societal developments and, thereby, facilitate integration. Together with ELY Centres and the municipalities in the Helsinki metropolitan area we will create a cooperation model for organising the internship periods.

The goal will be realised in 2015–2017. Measurements and reports can be found from the Commitment 2050 pages.

Published 2016-04-19 at 10:52, updated 2016-04-19 at 11:10