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We will reduce the harmful effects of food on nature and water systems

The chain of food production and consumption from the field to the table causes about one third of the environmental impacts of production and consumption in Finland. 2014 saw the publication of the new Finnish food recommendations that, for the first time, took the environmental impacts of food into account. The recommendations state that food must be produced on the terms of the natural resources.

SYKE will reduce the environmental load of food on water systems and other parts of nature by changing its food procurement processes. In the future, we will order fewer products with harmful environmental impacts. In stead, we will procure products that place a lesser load on water systems and nature in general.

In addition to this, SYKE will support the Amica workplace cafeteria by providing expertise and research data. Methods aimed at the staff will be developed for the cafeteria at the Mechelininkatu facility, in order to make it easier to select foods favourable to the ecosystem and water bodies. We will also develop incentives to accelerate change. SYKE’s cafeteria in the Mechelininkatu building serves approximately 300–400 lunches each day. We will also inform our staff of the environmental impacts of various foods. We will monitor our own procurements and any changes in staff catering.

SYKE has the ISO 14001 compliant EkoSYKE environmental management system, to which the commitment has been included. The goals will be realised in 2015-2017. Measurements and reports can be found from the Commitment 2050 pages.

Published 2016-04-19 at 11:05, updated 2016-04-19 at 11:04