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Cities and local authorities - examples of collaboration

Forerunner municipalities cut climate emissions by almost a third

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Finnish municipalities in the pioneering Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network have been actively combatting climate change by achieving significant reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions, averaging 29% over the period 2007–2015. They have largely done this by shifting away from the use of fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, while improving the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure.

The Hinku municipalities have widely utilised SYKE’s expertise to identify and model favourable practices and create new innovations. Their sustainable procurements, such as the joint acquisition of more than a hundred solar energy facilities, help to build markets for climate-friendly technologies.

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Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network

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Warnings of flooding prevent damages

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The waterway model system developed by SYKE, covering the whole of Finland, predicts real time water levels and flows of waterways as well as groundwater heights, based on hydrological observations and weather forecasts. The Flood Center operated jointly by SYKE and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, maintains a continuous system-based online review of the situation and warns about flooding of waterways.

The waterway model system has been of great benefit for example in Kittilä, northern Finland, on the Ounasjoki River, where floods occur regularly. Early warnings has benefited 

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Finnish Meteorological Institute, The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), municipalities.

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Nature-based solutions introduced by local authorities in Europe

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Knowledge of ecosystem services provided by nature and their linkage to human well-being has increased, but tools have been lacking for taking ecosystem services into account in practical measures. Together with designers and citizens, SYKE and its research partners have built a toolkit that provides tools for evaluating and utilising nature-based solutions.

The tools have already been used in applications such as urban planning and assessing the health benefits of nature in Barcelona, Spain; Oslo, Norway; Trnava, Slovakia; and Sipoo, Finland. SYKE's solid expertise in interacting between research and decision-making contributed to the success of the work.

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Partners of the OpenNESS project

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The municipality of Ii wins award for pro-climate efforts


The municipality of Ii received the EU RegioStars award for its climate efforts. Ii has introduced cost-effective ways to increase renewable energy and improve energy and material efficiency within the region. For example, oil heating in properties has been replaced with renewable energy and electric cars have been acquired for use by the municipality. Companies, associations and local people have joined in the effort.

The HINKU network, coordinated by SYKE, offers services such as the joint procurement of solar panels, expert assistance, study trips and peer experience in climate work. “Hinku is a prime example of how the piloting of new climate-friendly solutions produces know-how throughout Finland,” says Professor Eva Heiskanen of the National Consumer Research Centre.

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