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Citizens and NGO's - examples of collaboration

Tips on sustainable choices from the Baltic impacts calculator


Food production accounts for about 60% of the average Finnish citizen’s eutrophication impacts on the Baltic marine environment. Wastewater effluent is also significant, accounting for a quarter of the total footprint. Devised by SYKE and Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), the Baltic impacts calculator shows consumers how their choices affect inputs of nutrients into the Baltic Sea. As the first of its kind anywhere, the calculator breaks new ground by enabling everyone to measure their eutrophication footprint and act to improve the state of the sea through their consumption choices.

In co-operation

Natural Resources Institute Finland, newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, John Nurminen Foundation

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School students observe the condition of the waterways

Lapsi vedessä
© Petri Jauhiainen

Courses offered by SYKE, together with educational institutions and students, have caused students of Rauma in Western Finland to become enthusiastic about observing and exploring the condition of waterways. In the courses, the students have been taught how to make use of open data monitoring systems provided by SYKE, and even to construct simple digital monitoring devices.

Environmental monitoring is already in the teaching programs of many other schools and a new educational model based on digital gaming is intended to be phased in throughout the country. Phenomenon-based learning is also subject to international interest. 

In co-operation

Rauma lyseo high school, Luma-center of University of Turku, City of Rauma and Friends of the Selkämäri National Park (NGO)

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