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Politicians and ministries- examples of collaboration

Realisation of the Paris agreement by the EU


The Paris Climate Agreement obliges its signatories to mitigate climate change and promote adaptation measures. SYKE’s research findings and expertise are being used to shape Finland’s national actions towards targets defined at EU -level. An energy transition, involving a shift to renewable energy, plays a key role. At the same time we must build up effective carbon sinks, by creating a circular economy involving the use of durable wood-based products, for instance, while ensuring that progress on building a bioeconomy continues in step with efforts to mitigate climate change. Global cooperation and exchanges of information between scientists and decision-makers are crucial when combatting climate change. SYKE is deeply involved in such efforts.

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Water accounting encourages water efficiency

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Detailed water accounting prepared together with decision-makers, companies, authorities, researchers and other experts under SYKE’s guidance, explains how much surface and groundwater is being used in Finland for different purposes and how the use of water is divided among the different functions of the national economy.

The description is internationally unique in its precision. It encourages users to save water and supports decision makers in developing controls to promote water-smart circular economy. Accounting-based innovations can also help in finding solutions to global problems of sufficient supply of clean fresh water. 

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Bringing invasive species at sea under control – Finland ratifies ships' ballast water treaty 

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Finland made history by ratifying the Ballast Water Management Convention of the International Maritime Organisation in the autumn of 2016. As a result of this, the convention is taking effect globally. The convention makes it more difficult for harmful invasive species to spread through the ballast water of ships. For the convention, SYKE produced information on invasive species in the Baltic Sea, the routes along which they spread, and on ways to fight them. With its expertise on the marine environment, SYKE also prepared legislation. International research cooperation has supported the production of information on invasive species.

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