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Analytical Services

The SYKE environmental measurement and testing laboratory provides key chemical and biological analysis services required for environmental monitoring and research in Helsinki and Oulu. Moreover, we provide expert assistance with laboratory functions.


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Reliable analysis data

The SYKE laboratory is a testing laboratory (T003) and a calibration laboratory (K054) accredited by FINAS, the Finnish Accreditation Service (SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005).

The laboratory is a member of the co-operation network of European national metrology institutes and a contract laboratory of the VTT MIKES metrology. Its expert personnel, modern equipment base, and reliable management system ensure the reliability of the analysis data.

We develop operations on a continuous basis to comply with the latest methodological and technical requirements of the customer sector. Our development efforts focus especially on the development of high-standard metrology.

Assortment of analyses

The SYKE laboratory offers a wide range of inorganic and organic parameters of analyses from various environmental sample matrices:

  • physico-chemical analyses of natural and waste water samples
  • organic analyses of water, soil, sediment, sludge and biota samples
  • metal analyses of water, soil, sediment, sludge and biota samples

Most of our analytical methods have accreditation status.

If you would like more information about our analytical services, please e-mail to:

Acceptance of samples

All SYKE laboratories accept samples. Enquiries about sending of samples and sample bottles etc. are welcome by e-mail to:


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