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Open environmental data for research purposes


SYKE was the first research institute in Finland to open up its data banks to the public. Our metadata services meet the requirements of the Academy of Finland, enabling our data to be widely shared and utilised. All of the open data banks, information systems and metadata maintained by Finland’s environmental administration have been compiled under the web service Interest in this material grew greatly during 2016.

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Researchers demonstrated a connection between climate change and flooding

© Ari Andersin

A large international team of researchers, in which SYKE was represented as well, demonstrated a connection between flooding and climate change for the first time across Europe. Floods in recent decades have clearly occurred earlier in certain regions in Europe due to global warming and, on the other hand, have been delayed in certain areas. A study conducted by the Vienna University of Technology analyzed data from more than 4000 hydrological observation stations in 38 European countries from 1960 to 2010.

The article, which also utilized records from long and continuous hydrological observations in Finland, was published in August 2017 in the Science journal. 

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Aranda model utilised around the world

© Panu Hänninen

The outstanding model of SYKE's marine research vessel Aranda has been used around the world in the planning of research vessels. Aranda's special techniques for studying the food webs of the Arctic regions and seas are utilised around the world.  Aranda is used in research by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, as well as the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).  Cooperation with neighbouring countries helps unify and develop follow-up methods and in conserving resources.

In co-operation

Finnish Meteorological Institute, Natural Recources Institute Finland, and Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).

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