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  • New methods of environmental footprints can be a game changer for companies 2018-09-21
    New methods for calculation of the environmental footprint open possibilities for businesses to document and communicate their environmental performance in a more simplified and verifiable way. With the new guidance companies are able to create a much more transparent market regarding environmental claims.
  • Pharmaceuticals screened systematically for the first time in the Baltic Sea 2018-09-21
    CWPharma, an EU-funded project, has started screening active pharmaceutical ingredients in six river basin districts to get a better picture of the sources, emissions and environmental concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the Baltic Sea region.
  • The winners of the ‘Meriroskahaaste’ challenge prize address different stages of marine littering 2018-09-14
    The goal of the ‘Meriroskahaaste’ marine litter challenge prize was to find solutions to decrease the amount of litter ending up in the Baltic Sea. The winning trio – Paptic Ltd, VTT’s PlastBug team, and the ’Pidä Saaristo Siistinä’ environmental association – received a total of 32,000 euros of prize money for adding momentum to the saving of the Baltic Sea.
  • Renovated marine research vessel Aranda embarks immediately on a research cruise 2018-09-07
    The renovated marine research vessel Aranda was delivered to the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE today. The overhaul was carried out by Rauma Marine Constructions Oy at its shipyard in the city of Rauma. Next week the Aranda heads out on her first research cruise on the Baltic Sea.
  • Forests promote health and well-being among school pupils 2018-08-30
    Forests promote health and well-being among school pupils. The Finnish Environment Institute has made an analysis based on spatial data on the location of primary and secondary schools with relation to forest in the Helsinki region and in the urban areas of Tampere and Turku. Two out of five primary schools are located at a distance of more than 300 metres from the forest.
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