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Information and data systems
Content page | Published: 2013-05-03

The extensive information produced by SYKE is, as a rule, openly available to the domestic and international public. The information systems for inland waters are primarily national. Most of the...

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Content page | Published: 2013-05-03

Photo: Pirjo Ferin. SYKE collects long-term observations of river, lake, and groundwater water quality. The monitoring of inland waters began in the 1960s. Hydrological monitoring...

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Content page | Published: 2013-05-30

Photo: Seppo Knuuttila Our activities are organised into projects that involve producing information for decision-making needs and to ensure protection and sustainable use of water systems. ...

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Content page | Published: 2013-05-03

SYKE's research results are published in international and national scientific publication series and also in professional and general-interest publications. In addition, we publish brochures, books,...

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Flood modelling
Content page | Published: 2016-11-21

Flood risk mapping is a prerequisite for effective flood risk management. Flood maps and hydraulic models behind them firstly enable the identification of possible flood prone areas and seco...

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Watershed simulation and forecasting system
Content page | Published: 2016-09-27

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has developed a comprehensive watershed model WSFS-VEMALA for the whole Finland. The WSFS-VEMALA is used for simulating and forecasting hydrological variables, for ...

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New operative system for managing the water balance of mines
Press release | Published: 2016-06-14

A new tool has been developed for predicting and managing the water balance of mines, which can be used to calculate the water balances of a mining area and produce forecasts to support mining operati......

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Research & Development > Water > New operative system for managing the water balance of mines
Content page | Published: 2015-10-23

On this page you can follow the most recent activities organised by the projects supported through the FinWaterWEI II programme.   An overview of water management in Finland - Study ...

FinWaterWEI II > Activities
Content page | Published: 2015-10-23

The FinWaterWEI II programme supports different activities/projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The projects are implemented by governmental and international organisations with strong involvement ...

FinWaterWEI II > Projects
Content page | Published: 2015-10-23

FinWaterWEI II is managed on behalf of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. Ms. Tea Törnroos , Programme Coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, ...

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Programme region
Content page | Published: 2015-10-23

In order to increase its effectiveness and impact, Finland’s new development co-operation concentrates to the least developed countries. In the context of FinWaterWEI this shift of geographical fo...

FinWaterWEI II > Programme region
Water and green economy
Project | Published: 2013-10-07

Background and need Green economy means economy that takes the welfare of the ecosystem into account. This is one, but not the only definition of green economy.The objective has been conside...

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Programme region
Content page | Published: 2014-05-12

The countries in Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus and Central Asia differ considerably both geographically and culturally but they all share common history. They suffer from serious environme...

FinWaterWEI II > FinWaterWEI 2009-2013 > Programme region
Content page | Published: 2014-05-12

Programme implemented through National Policy Dialogues Ongoing and ended activities Related activities The programme contains different types of activities: Activities or p...

FinWaterWEI II > FinWaterWEI 2009-2013 > Activities
Content page | Published: 2014-05-12

FinWaterWEI is managed on behalf of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. Karri Eloheimo , Project Manager, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, tel. +...

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Specialist work
Content page | Published: 2013-11-25

. Photo: Hannu Vallas, Lentokuva Vallas Oy Researchers are needed to identify solutions and to assess various alternatives in support of decision-making in society. With our expertise, ...

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