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Open jobs and vacancies

Open vacancies are listed below. If the list is empty, there are no open vacancies.

  • Rakennustutkija
    Tutkijan/erikoistutkijan tehtäviin kuuluu rakennusten energia- ja ympäristönäkökohtia koskeva tutkimus. Tehtävä on sijoitettu SYKEn kulutuksen ja tuotannon keskukseen Helsingin toimipaikkaan.
  • Post doc researcher (SEASINK-projekt)
    Post doc researcher will participate in Academy of Finland funded project SEASINK “Evolving carbon sinks and sources in coastal seas – will ecosystem response temper or aggravate climate change?” The position will be based in the Marine Ecology Research Laboratory unit of the Marine Research Centre of SYKE, located in Helsinki, Viikki. The hired post doc will study phytoplankton diversity – ecosystem functioning relationships, especially biological control of the marine carbonate system and resulting water column C fluxes. The key scientific questions of the project are related to the connections of the Baltic Sea phytoplankton community structure and diversity to primary productivity, carbon cycling and the dynamics of oceanic carbonate system. Essentially, the project utilizes continuous automated measurements. Work includes both experimental studies in the laboratory and field work at sea and at the Utö research station. The hired post doc will participate in international projects and especially in a joint AQUACOSM network experiments. The job includes a research visit of 3 months to Germany. The tasks involve analysis of results using applied statistical tools and models. Post doc is expected to publish scientific results in peer reviewed journals, participate in applying additional funding and participate in student supervision.
Published 2013-07-05 at 14:16, updated 2013-07-05 at 16:14