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Open jobs and vacancies

Open vacancies are listed below. If the list is empty, there are no open vacancies.

  • Senior Researcher (Behavioral change researcher)
    The role of the senior researcher is to study the prerequisites for sustainable behavioral change in SYKE's transdisciplinary research and development projects and to develop international and national research in the field. The senior researcher in behavioral change will analyze individual and group behaviour, as well as the prerequisites for more sustainable behaviour, policy and decision-making. To ensure societal impact, the senior researcher will be required to develop transdisciplinary empirical settings and interactive, action research-oriented and communicative methods to study behavioral change. Research interests in the Behavioral Change Unit focus on: environmental justice and responsibility, everyday life, consumption and healthy lifestyles; their policies, institutions, practices and agency; as well as their interaction. The applicant is expected to demonstrate the added value that their experience and research approaches bring to the Behavioral Change Unit, whilst also taking into account SYKE's strategy ( The position will be based in the Behavioral Change Unit of the Environmental Policy Centre, located at SYKE’s Helsinki office.
Published 2013-07-05 at 14:16, updated 2013-07-05 at 16:14