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Summer algae forecast: Warm and calm weather conditions can lead to powerful blooms of blue-green algae in the Baltic Sea (stt.fi)

Sea landscape.
© Riku Lumiaro / Syke

Press release 2023-06-01
In sea areas blooms of algae in the spring consume nitrogen, while leaving phosphorus-based nutrients for the blue-green algae that appear in the summer. Warm and calm weather can lead to powerful blooms of blue-green algae.

In 2021, municipalities’ climate emissions remained at the previous year’s level (stt.fi)

The total greenhouse gas emissions of Finnish municipalities by sector in 2005–2021
© Finnish Environment Institute

Press release 2023-05-30
According to the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), municipalities’ total greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 remained at the previous year’s level. Although the transition towards low-carbon solutions in heating methods continued, the positive emissions development was slowed down especially by the higher consumption of heating energy in buildings when compared to the previous year.

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Suvi Lehtoranta and Annika Johansson: Science, art and architecture come together at the Venice Architecture Biennale

The Finnish pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale brings water consumption and nutrient recycling into the international architectural debate for the first time, writes Suvi Lehtoranta and Annika Johansson in their Ratkaisuja blog. Architects can help to solve the challenges of transitioning to sustainable development. The biennale can spark discussion on the topic and promote the introduction of new more sustainable sanitation solutions.

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