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Recent monitoring results: The state of the Gulf of Finland better than in the past few years, the Bothnian Sea is becoming eutrophic

Press release, 20th October 2020
The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has again produced an assesment of the state of the coastal waters of the Gulf of Finland and the open sea surrounding Finland from the southern Baltic Sea to the Bay of Bothnia. The state of the Gulf of Finland is better than it has been in the past few years, but the deteriorated state of the Bothnian Sea gives cause for concern.

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Tatu Sailaranta: The EU’s policy of adapting to climate change should be better aligned with its trade policy

In May the European Commission announced a plan for a new strategy for adapting to climate change. The plan highlights the importance of taking adjusting to climate change into consideration in foreign and security policy. It hardly deals with trade policy at all, writes Tatu Sailaranta in his Havaintoja blog.



SYKE Policy Brief: Environmental impact needs to be considered in nutrition recommendations
Increasing the proportion of vegetables, legumes, and fish in the diet helps ease climate change, eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and inland waters, and the decline of biodiversity.
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25 years of working for a more sustainable environment and society
SYKE celebrates 25th anniversary. Our diverse research and expert organisation offers information and multidisciplinary expertise vital to decision-making. Together with our partners, we solve burning questions in society and build a more sustainable future.

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  • EEEN2020: European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum 2020-11-04 at 9:00
    The European Environmental Evaluators Network (EEEN) Forum will be organised online on 4-5 November, 2020.The programme will focus on scientific and practical evaluation knowledge on the implementation of SDGs and policymaking.
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