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Algal bloom monitoring July 27, 2017: Blooms of cyanobacteria observed in the Baltic Sea, in lakes less cyanobacteria observed than typically

Press release 2017-07-27 at 13:27
Cyanobacterial blooms
Observation of cyanobacteria from Landsat 8 satellite on July 24. Original data: USGS/NASA Landsat Program, processed by SYKE

Cyanobacteria are abundant in particular in the Finnish southwestern open sea areas of the Baltic Sea. In lakes, less cyanobacteria have been observed that generally at the end of July.  Spores of rust fungi that form coloured surface occurrences have been reported this week particularly in lakes in Southwestern Finland. More in Finnish

Large map of the week's 30 algal situation

Risk assessment of blue-green algae blooms:

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Special researcher Marko Järvinen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
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Sea areas

Cyanobacterial bloom situation

Researcher Sirpa Lehtinen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (till July 28)
Tel +358 295 251 353, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Senior Researcher Sanna Suikkanen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (from July 31)
Tel +358 295 251 660, firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

State of the Baltic Sea

Head of Unit Vivi Fleming-Lehtinen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
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Communications Assistant Suvi-Anne Kinnunen, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
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