Research Professor Paula Kivimaa recognised in the global list of highly cited researchers

News 2021-11-18 at 12:58
Paula Kivimaa works as Research Professor at SYKE´s Climate Change Programme.

Research Professor, PhD Paula Kivimaa has been named in the 2021 Highly Cited Researchers List compiled and published by Clarivate Analytics. The researchers included in the list rank among the top 1% by citations for their field in the Web of Science database.

Since 2019, Paula Kivimaa has worked as Research Professor at SYKE´s Climate Change Programme, while she first came to SYKE already in 2003. Her recognition as Highly Cited Researcher has also been noted in the University of Sussex where Dr Kivimaa worked previously as Senior Research Fellow and is now Associate faculty member.

Paula Kivimaa has several projects under her wing at SYKE, for instance the projects IDEALE and CASCADES. IDEALE, an Academy of Finland Fellowship project, connects sustainability transitions research to policy coherence and policy integration, to analyse the interconnections between national energy and security policies and the potential impacts of unfolding energy transitions to security. Empirical research in this project is carried out on Finland, Estonia, Norway, and Scotland. The EU Horizon 2020 project CASCADES examines, among other things, coherence between European Union´s climate, foreign, trade and finance policies in the cross-border and climate adaptation context. The international and interdisciplinary researcher is also a Member of The Finnish Climate Change Panel.

”Dr Paula Kivimaa is talented in approaching practical and societally meaningful research questions in ambitious, innovative and analytical ways. She has studied energy and mobility systems, innovations and intermediaries, environmental policy and governance — and sustainability transition. For such a diverse researcher, receiving the highly cited recognition that acknowledges field-specific citations, is particularly noteworthy. Her success makes us all proud and happy,” says Paula Kivimaa’s long-term colleague and former direct supervisor Research Director Eeva Primmer from SYKE.


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