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The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) wants to promote the cleantech opportunities of municipalities

News 2015-06-09 at 10:13

In Finland, the annual value of public procurements by municipalities is approximately EUR 16 billion. The way municipalities promote low-carbon solutions and cleantech business is very important to the market. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has investigated how the HINKU municipalities aiming at carbon neutrality by 2030 are planning to allocate their investments during 2015–2017. According to the study, the most money will be used for new construction, renovation and traffic infrastructure. The share of water supply and sewerage as well as the production and distribution of electricity and heat is also significant.

SYKE has opened the Hankintamappi (‘Procurement Folder’) portal on the Internet to promote public cleantech procurement. The purpose of the service is to provide information and experiences on cleantech procurement to support the planning and preparation phase in particular, and to communicate future procurement needs to companies that develop and offer cleantech solutions. The content of Hankintamappi is maintained through cooperation by the users.

As a part of Hankintamappi, SYKE is currently developing a funding model that promotes municipal cleantech procurement. The ongoing pilot applies to a joint procurement of solar power stations by five municipalities. A leasing tender on the power stations is requested with turnkey delivery, so that the leasing price corresponds to the price of the panels’ calculated electricity production if it was purchased from the grid. In the tender process, the shortest leasing period is the most important selection criterion. After the leasing period, the municipality can purchase the power station for its own use.

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