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Petrus Kautto appointed as the Director of the Strategic Program for Sustainable Circular Economy

News 2020-09-02 at 7:09

Petrus Kautto, Doctor of Philosophy, has been elected to the position of senior researcher at SYKE. At the same time, he will serve on a temporary basis as Director of the Strategic Program for Sustainable Circular Economy from 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2021. A total of 11 people applied for the position of lead researcher. Previously the Director of the Strategic Program was Riina Antikainen, who passed away in spring.

Petrus Kautto defended his dissertation in 2009 at Aalto University School of Business. In his dissertation, he examined the companies on the one hand as a subject of regulation, and on the other hand as a party seeking to influence the formulation of regulation.

Petrus Kautto has worked closely with decision-makers on many evaluation projects. He also currently serves as a permanent expert member of the Ministry of the Environment's impact assessment network. Petrus Kautto has worked at SYKE since 1997 and as a senior researcher since 2010.

Petrus Kautto's expertise is related to the governance and politics of the circular economy, especially in product and materials policy. He has extensive national and international assessment and networking experience. Petrus Kautto has published a wide range of scientific articles and professional publications and has led several research projects related to a sustainable circular economy.

The scope of the task is wide​

As the director of the strategic program, Petrus Kautto will be responsible for coordinating and promoting SYKE's activities related to the circular economy and raising the scientific level of the topic. The sustainable strategic program for the circular economy under the Research Director includes 5–10 researchers and experts, who will be supervised by Petrus Kautto until the end of 2021.

As a leading researcher, Petrus Kautto will promote and lead SYKE's diverse research on sustainable circular economy. In addition, he will be responsible for planning, managing, reporting and obtaining funding for large-scale research projects. Tasks also include actively promoting cooperation with funders, research partners, government and industry, and participating in the work of national and international networks.

"The circular economy has been raised as a key political theme in recent years and has a wide range of expectations. SYKE can best promote a sustainable circular economy through analytical expert work," says Petrus Kautto, who will start in early September.​

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