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Be enchanted by northern nature in a photography exhibition, introducing the unique nature of the Barents Region!

Press release 2015-04-16 at 9:58
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© Photo: Dmitry Deshevykh

Finnish Environment Institute press release

A photography exhibition featuring Barents Region’s nature opens today in Oulu. The exhibition is part of international cooperation on nature conservation in the Barents Region.

The Barents Region is a treasure trove of biological diversity that covers 1.8 million square kilometres. However, many of its natural areas are remote and difficult to access. “Our aim is to bring nature closer to people though photographs”, says project manager Anna Kuhmonen from the Finnish Environment Institute. The exhibition is open to the public in the main lobby of the University of Oulu, on Linnanmaa campus, from 16th until 28th April 2015.

The exhibition is part of the BPAN – Barents Protected Area Network project. Finnish Environment Institute has been coordinating the cooperation between Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Russian nature conservation authorities, researchers and NGOs for the past four years.

Besides its unique and valuable nature, the Barents Region boasts a wide variety of natural resources and indigenous cultures. “The northern nature is vulnerable and sensitive to change. It is important to develop a well-connected network of protected areas in the face of climate change and the increasing use of natural resources in the northern areas”, concludes leading expert Tapio Lindholm from the Finnish Environment Institute. The last natural areas and landscapes in the Barents Region are unique on a global scale.

Afterwards the exhibition continues to tour visitor centres and other venues in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. The aim is to promote conservation of boreal and Arctic nature through the development of a representative network of protected areas in the Barents Region.

The exhibition consists of 15 photographs by Finnish, Swedish and Russian photographers, accompanied by an information leaflet, posters and postcards.

“Barents – Nature has no borders” exhibition dates:

University of Oulu, main lobby, from 16th until 28th April 2015
Fell Lapland Visitor Centre, weeks 19-23
Pallastunturi Visitor Centre, weeks 24-31

If you would like to hire the exhibition from two to four weeks, please contact Minna Pekkonen or Anna Kuhmonen.

More information:

Anna Kuhmonen, project manager, Finnish Environment Institute, anna.kuhmonen(at)ymparisto.fi, +358 29 525 1322

Tapio Lindholm, leading expert, Finnish Environment Institute, tapio.lindholm(at)ymparisto.fi, +358 29 525 1379

Minna Pekkonen, coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute, minna.pekkonen(at)ymparisto.fi, +358 29 525 1779

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