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New research shows areas where offshore wind power can be built without major damage to marine nature

Areas suitable for offshore wind power have been mapped in a new study. In the best areas, the production of wind energy is profitable, but the disadvantages for both people and marine nature remain s...

Household waste turns into new raw materials

The WasteLess Karelias project, funded by the Karelia CBC programme, revealed that all plastic, glass, cardboard and metal waste sorted in Juuka is treated either in Finland or abroad. Recycling produ...

Stronger management of hazardous chemicals is needed in industry

There is a clear need to increase the knowledge of the industrial sources of hazardous chemicals and to apply measures to reduce their use and emissions to the environment. Project HAZBREF proposes a ...

Pollutant Release and Waste Transfer Data for Finnish Industry and Agriculture published in the map service

Information on the largest sources of pollutant releases and waste transfers for Finnish industry and agriculture can now be found in the public data service at The purpose of the map service...

SYKE Policy Brief: It is time for sustainability transformation

It is time to move beyond solving environmental problems one by one, to systemic societal sustainability transformations. This is the message of the SYKE Policy Brief published today. Sustainability t...

Environmental marketing claims in Finland – an ongoing research by SYKE

The Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE has collected a sample of environmental claims in internet advertisements during autumn 2021. The share of internet in advertising has continuously grown and w...

Soil improving agents reduce water pollution from agricultural soils – a new guide is now available for farmers

Soil improving agents may quickly and effectively reduce the water pollution from agricultural land. Gypsum, pulp mill fibre, and structural lime have been studied comprehensively, and based on the re...

Timothy Carter receives Päiviö Hetemäki Fund’s commendation for work on developing comprehensive security

On Thursday 18 November 2021 the Päiviö Hetemäki Fund awarded Research Professor Timothy Carter from the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE a commendation for his outstanding work advancing the topic ...

SYKE collects environmental claims in advertising – take part in a research!

An ad that sparked more questions than answers? SYKE collects examples of environmental advertising form the public.

Classic lake landscape won first place in the Landscape Day photo competition

Wednesday 20 October was International Landscape Day, and to celebrate the day, the Ministry of the Environment organised a photo competition with the theme “Landscape Day 2021”. First place was award...

Research: Recycling the metals and minerals of smartphones and televisions is difficult, design is key

Great expectations are being set for digital solutions to reach climate targets, but their environmental impacts are not widely known. For example, the demand for critical raw materials used in smartp...

International Landscape Day 20 October 2020 festivities to include a photo competition and landscape walks

Wednesday 20 October 2021 is International Landscape Day, which is based on the Council of Europe Landscape Convention. The Convention encourages everyone to participate in observing landscapes and in...

Finland having a significant role in international water cooperation - New handbook to guide water allocation across borders

A new handbook will promote sustainable and equitable allocation of transboundary water resources. The publication is the first of its kind and is the latest example of Finland’s significant role in i...

Baltic Sea monitoring cruises in August 2021: Signs of recovery in the Gulf of Finland, situation in the Bothnian Sea cause for concern

Monitoring cruises show that the Gulf of Finland has recovered from the deterioration caused indirectly by salt pulses in the Baltic Sea in the mid-2010s. Weather-regulated flows between the Gulf of F...

Dissertation: Micro- and mesoplastics in the northern Baltic Sea: their fate in the seafloor and effects on benthic fauna

In her doctoral dissertation, Pinja Näkki, a researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute, has studied risks that organisms such as bivalves living on the seafloor face from microplastics. As much ...

International Landscape Day on 20 October – participate in a photography campaign or a photo competition

International Landscape Day will be celebrated in October. As in previous years, the festivities in Finland will include an open photo competition, guided landscape walks and a photography campaign th...

Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2021: The hot weather boosted the growth of cyanobacteria in the early summer – still the amount of cyanobacterial blooms was below average since mid-July

During the summer, the cyanobacterial situation has varied in both Finnish lakes and sea areas. The amount of cyanobacteria was exceptionally at its peak in the sea areas already in mid-July. Even in ...

Dissertation: Sensitivity of Cereal Yields to Climate Change: Estimating Risks and Exploring Adaptation

The risks posed by climate change and the adaptation measures required to address those risks are usually evaluated using methods based on climate scenarios. A different approach is used in the doctor...

The cyanobacterial situation is calm in lakes and sea areas

The amounts of blue-green algae in lakes and coastal areas are still smaller than average. Only in some areas of the Archipelago Sea have abundant cyanobacteria been observed in coastal areas. As is t...

Finland’s cormorant population decreased from the previous summer

Approximately 24,300 cormorant nests were counted in Finland in the summer of 2021. The first successful inland nesting was confirmed in Päijät-Häme. The nesting population in Finland has varied by on...


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