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Aino Rekola

Aino Rekola


   Environmental Policy Centre

    MSocSc (Social and Public Policy, Environmental Sciences)

    Email: firstname.surname (at) ymparisto.fi
    Tel. +358 2952 51871
    Finnish Environment Institute, Environmental Policy Centre
    Address: Latokartanonkaari 11 (Viikki Campus, D Building),
    00790 Helsinki, Finland
    LinkedIn, Twitter




Research and expertise

  • Environmental social sciences

  • Use of environmental science in policy

  • Environmental justice and fair environmental policies

  • Strategic environmental policy development

  • Coordination of networks and workshop facilitation


I am an environmental social scientist and expert in environmental policy. I have been working at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) since 2015. Previously, I have been working as an environmental policy expert in the decision making support for development of climate, biodiversity and natural resource policies in several ministries in Finland. I have also gained experience from international and cross-border cooperation on biodiversity conservation. 

My scientific background is in both social and environmental sciences. Questions of transdisciplinarity, use and usability of scientific knowledge as well as experience knowledge on environmental justice are my major research interest. In my research, I apply social science methodologies and concepts and theoretization inspired by the Science and Technolody Studies (STS) scholarship.

My research is aiming for increased understanding about practices at the environmental science-policy interface and their sustainability. Besides, I am interested in developing sustainable and fair environmental policies grounded on transdisciplinary scientific knowledge.

Current work

My current research is focused on use and usability of environmental sciences in policy making. In TUUMA Project I study, how scientific knowledge about the environment has been used in regional planning in Finland in previous 20 years. The aim of the project is to understand better how the use of scientific knowledge and the stakeholders' knowlegde interpretation practices have changed in recent years. In addition, I develop methods for stakeholder engagement in HERA Project financed by the European Union's H2020 R&I Programme. HERA builds Europen Research Agenda for the environment-climate-health nexus. In TASAPELI Project I develop mainstreaming the use of Nature-Based Solutions in cities in Finland.

Recent publications

Rekola, A.; Paloniemi, R. 2018. Researcher–Planner Dialogue on Environmental Justice and Its Knowledges—A Means to Encourage Social Learning Towards Sustainability. Sustainability 2018, 10, 2601.  

Paloniemi, R., Niemelä, J, Soininen, N., Laatikainen, T., Vierikko, K., Rekola, A., Viinikka, A., Yli-Pelkonen, V., Assmuth, T., Kopperoinen, L., Peltonen L., Kuokkanen, T. & Kyttä, M. 2018. Environmental justice for the governance of aquatic environments. Local Environment. 

Kettunen, M., Illes, A., Rayment, M., Primmer, E., Verstraeten, Y., Rekola, A., Ring, I., Tucker, G., Baldock, D., Droste, N., Santos, R., Rantala, S., Ebrahim, N. and ten Brink, P. 2017. Integration approach to EU biodiversity financing: evaluation of results and analysis of options for the future. Final report for the European Commission (DG ENV) (Project ENV.B.3/ETU/2015/0014), Institute for European Policy (IEEP), Brussels/ London

Primmer, E., Kangas, H-L., Liski, J., Rekola, A., Seppälä, J., Kettunen, M., Allen, B., Nesbit, M., Paquel, K. 2016. Sustainable forestry in Finland: ENVI delegation in May 2016. European Parliament Directorate General for Internal Policies. Policy Department A: Economic and Scientific Policy. Study, 15.4.2016.

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