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Anke Kremp


Senior Research Scientist

Anke Kremp kuva 300

Marine Ecosystems Modelling


Phone: +358-40-1823245

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

Address: Marine Research Laboratory,

Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2,

00790 Helsinki, Finland

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Current tasks

Head of research group

National and international expert tasks


Qualifications: Master of Science in Biology, 1993, University of Rostock, Germany; PhD in Hydrobiology, University of Helsinki, 2000, Adjunct Professor in Hydrobiology 2007, University of Helsinki

Post-Docs: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, US, and Tvärminne Zoological Station, Finland

Research Scientist, University of Helsinki 2005 -2008

Senior Research Scientist, SYKE Marine Research Centre since 2008

Academy of Finland Research Fellow 2011-2016

Research topics

Phytoplankton ecology and evolution, emphasis on Baltic cold-water dinoflagellates and diatoms, toxic algae and harmful algal blooms

Phytoplankton biodiversity and adaptation to environmental change; resting stages, life cycles and benthic-pelagic coupling, dinoflagellate taxonomy

Recent Projects

RESERVOIR: Seed banks as reservoirs of diversity driving evolutionary dynamics and persistence of Baltic phytoplankton in a changing environment. Academy of Finland 2017-2021

DINO-DON: Does vegetation derived organic nitrogen fuel algal blooms in coastal waters of the Baltic Sea? Horizon 2020 MSCA 2016-2017

PHYTOVAR: Genetic diversity and phenotypic variability in Baltic Sea phytoplankton populations: Implications for ecological processes and adaptation to environmental change, Academy of Finland Research Fellowship: 2011-2016

PRODIVERSA: Population genetics and intraspecific diversity of aquatic protists across habitats and eukaryotic clades Researcher Network, Nordic Council of Ministers 2011-2014

Other activities

Member of the working group of Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics (WGHABD) of the International council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) 

Secretary of the International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae (ISSHA)

Scientific publications

Up-to-date lists of my publications in @Google Scholar and @ResearchGate




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