Anu Lastumäki

Anu Lastumäki


Marine Pollution

M.Sc. (marine biology)


Tel: 050-3247625

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Marine Research Centre

Ultramariinikuja 4, 00430 Helsinki, Finland

Anu Lastumäki

Current task

I work as a coordinator in Arctic Marine Research –unit in SYKE´s Marine Research Centre. My task is to coordinate, develop and implement monitoring of the harmful substances and their biological effects in the Baltic Sea. I am also a project manager in international EU –project “Decision Aid for Marine Munitions” (DAIMON).


I graduated from the University of Helsinki (M.Sc.) in 2004. My studies included marine biology, zoology, environmental sciences and cell & molecular biology. In my master´s thesis I studied zoobenthos communities in shallow coastal bays (flads) in Tammisaari area (Hanko peninsula). After my graduation I continued with zoobenthos work in Finnish Institute of Marine Research. I have also a professional diver license (Advanced European Scientific Diver) and I work as a scientific diver in SYKE. My underwater photos can be seen here.


Modelling of Ecological Risks Related to Sea-Dumped Chemical Weapons (MERCW). Sixth EU Framework programme, Contract no. INCO-CT-2005–013408 (2005−2008).

Biological Effects of Anthropogenic Chemical Stress : Tools for the Assessment of Ecosystem Health (BEAST). EEIG BONUS+ (2009-2011).

Chemical Munitions − Search and Assessment (CHEMSEA). Baltic Sea Region Programme (2007 – 2013).

Decision Aid for Marine Munitions (DAIMON). INTERREG Baltic Sea Region (2015−2019).

Other duties

I am a member of the board of Finnish Scientific Diving Steering Association (Suomen tutkimussukelluksen ohjausyhdistys ry) where I act as a vice-chairman.

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