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Bertel Vehviläinen

Bertel Vehviläinen

Head of watershed model group, leading hydrologist
Associate professor, hydrology, FT

Email: firstname.lastname@syke.fi
Tel. +358 405615533

Finnish Environment Institute, Freshwater Centre



Present role

Head of watershed model group

WSFS: www.environment.fi/waterforecast

Vemala: http://www.syke.fi/en-US/Research__Development/Water/Models_and_tools/Models_for_river_basin_management_planning/A_water_quality_and_nutrient_load_model_system_for_Finnish_watersheds_VEMALA


  • watershed modelling, hydrological modelling, snow modelling
  • hydrological forecast, flood forecasts and warnings
  • climate change impacts on water resources
  • floods, droughts, risk assessment
  • climate scenarios in impact assessments
  • climate change adaptation measures


I have over 30 years of experience in hydrological and water quality modelling, forecasting, snow cover estimation and comparing different simulation methods within hydrological model systems. I have together with the watershed modelling team in SYKE, built up the Watershed Simulation and Forecasting System (WSFS), which is used for real time hydrological and nutrient load (WSFS-VEMALA) simulation, monitoring, forecasting, warning and planning in Finland. I am responsible of the operational hydrological forecasting in Finland. The watershed models in WSFS have also been used extensively for evaluating climate change impacts on floods, low flows, lake levels and nutrient loads into lakes, rivers and the Baltic Sea. Also proper adaptation measures in lake regulation and agricultural management practices due to changing climate have been assessed. I have been in charge of several national research and development projects dealing with operative water management – both quantity and quality - and climate change impacts and adaptation. I have an extensive experience from EU funded and other international projects, and strong relations with other Nordic countries through many co-operative projects.


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