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Eeva Furman

Director, professor, Doctor of Philosophy
Environmental Policy Centre

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Email: firstname.surname@syke.fi
Telephone: +358 295 251 123
Skype: syke_eevafurman

Finnish Environment Centre, Environmental Policy Centre
Latokartanonkaari 11, FI-00790 Helsinki, Finland

@ Twitter, LinkedIn, ResearchGate

Present role

My duties include directing the Environmental Policy Centre and being part of the lead group of SYKE. I lead national and international research projects (see below) and my positions of trust include chairing and participating boards in the fields of sustainable development, environment, biodiversity and ecosystem services and of research linked to them.








Eeva Furman was presenting ecological sustainability to the Government of Finland, 21.4.2021.


I have been researching and developing environmental and sustainable development governance for more than 20 years. The last 10 years I have been occupied by Europe wide research collaboration where we have focused on challenges in and solutions for human environment relationship. Before that I was involved in intergovernmental environmental collaboration in the Arctic, Asian and European context.

During the last 20 years I have gained experience in international and national environmental collaboration through R&D projects and processes. I am an ecologist from training  (MSc in zoology, University of Helsinki,  PhD in marine biology, University of Wales, Menai Bridge). During my career I have been active in teaching at universities and communicating with the wide audience in written and oral form.

I have always had an orientation towards finding solutions. I get satisfaction and energy from nature, music and my closest. To me, moderateness and fairness are important values.

Research activities



Presentations in the web

Power Point -presentations



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Media interviews

Other activities


I have produced articles, reports, books and other material for communication for science community, experts and wide audience in English and Finnish. Some of my outputs have been translated into Russian, German and Swedish. I have received national awards for two of my books.



Furman, E. 2016. From inspiration to action, from action to institution – some early interventions of Arctic collaboration in sustainable development. In: Heininen, L., H. Exner-Pirot, & J. Plouffe. (Eds.). (2016). Arctic Yearbook 2016. Akureyri, Iceland: Northern Research Forum. ISSN 2298–2418, pp. 252-255. Available from Artic Yearbook.



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