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Elise Järvenpää

Senior Coordinator, MSc

The Programme for Environmental Information


Tel: +358 407 016 650

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Visiting and mailing address: 
Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland




I work as a senior coordinator in the Programme for Environmental Information. The last three years I have worked as National Focal Point (NFP) for European Environment Agency (EEA) in Finland, coordinating our national European Environment Information and Observation Network (Eionet). My other tasks are related to environmental reporting obligations; INSPIRE directive and land monitoring & GIS.


My main subject was physical geography but I have also studied regional planning, geography, biology and computer sciences. I have worked in SYKE since 2000, at first in Division of Water Resources Management where my tasks were related to implementation of Water Framework directive. After that I have worked in Data and Information Centre as a GIS specialist in European and Finnish land monitoring projects.


  • The Finnish Geospatial Platform, INSPIRE sub-programme
  • Provision of harmonized land use information for Lucas from the Finnish datasets (FinLUCAS 2)
  • Provision of harmonized land cover information for Lucas from the Finnish datasets (FinLUCAS1)
  • Copernicus/Corine Land cover – projects 2012, 2006, 2000



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