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Iida-Maria Koskela

MA (Education)

Finnish Environment Institute, Environmental Policy Centre, 
Behavioral Change Unit 

E-mail: iida-maria.koskela@ymparisto.fi
Tel: +358295252081

LinkedIn: Iida-Maria Koskela
Twitter: @KoskelaIida

Research and interests

  • Social learning
  • Sustainability and environmental education
  • Societal engagement
  • Science-policy-society dialogue
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary research
  • Environmental health
  • Health and wellbeing impacts of nature

Current work and projects

Currently, I work in projects that explore and experiment scalable solutions for just transitions towards sustainability.

In URGENT project (2019-2023), I study the potential of action-oriented sustainability education to increase young people’s sustainability agency and competencies as well as the opportunities that collaboration between schools and urban and regional planners may provide for social learning.

I plan and conduct interdisciplinary research and stakeholder engagement activities in EU projects HERA (2019-2021), which supports building a European mid-term research and innovation agenda for environment, health and climate nexus, and EKLIPSE (2016-2020), which develops knowledge and learning mechanisms for biodiversity and ecosystem services.  

In Nature Step towards Wellbeing project (2018-2019), we co-created with early childhood educators, food catering personnel and an interdisciplinary research team an operating model that supports day-care centres in building a sustainable culture, which promotes children’s health and wellbeing, learning, positive relationship to nature and food, and environmental responsibility.


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Koskela, I.-M. & Aulake, M. (2019). Luontoaskel hyvinvointiin -toimintamalli varhaiskasvatukseen

Koskela, I.-M. (2019). Learning and Sustainable Development – A Conceptual Review of International Literature on Education for Sustainable Development. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 32/2019.

Paloniemi, R. et al. (2019). Luonnosta ratkaisuja kaupunkisuunnittelun haasteisiin. Policy Brief 16/2019, Finnish Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities.

Koskela, I.-M. & Paloniemi, R. (2019). Lähiluonto lasten oppimisympäristönä (Blog text).

Varumo, L. et al. (2019). Multiple Scales, Multiple Approaches: Towards Meaningful Engagement in Europe. Knowledge and Learning Mechanism on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (EKLIPSE) Brief.  

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